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Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Intelligence Exploitation


The Airborne Pursuit & Exploitation (APEX) is an electrically powered, small tactical unmanned aircraft system that combines the advantages of an impressive performance envelope with radically reduced logistical and operational requirements. This unique combination makes the APEX a remarkably capable, yet effective solution for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) purposes.


The APEX is designed to support a variety of mission applications, including:

  • ISR (ground & marine environments)
  • Multi INT
  • Artillery mode (fire management & battle damage assessment)
  • Precision Targeting ‘Sensor to shooter’ (guided weapons)
  • Force protection (static and convoy)
  • Communication intelligence (COMMINT)
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Border patrol and homeland security
  • Runway independence

Key Performance Points

  • Smallest Operating Team for UAS in its class – no more than 3 personnel to operate and maintain
  • Long endurance electric operation – 7 hr endurance. No combustion engine maintenance or upkeep.
  • Electric propulsion system achieves covert, silent operation – nearly
    inaudible above 1000’
  • Long range small footprint ground control station – 100+km range
  • State of the art stabilized EO/Cooled IR gimbaled payload (T- STAMP)
  • Capacity to carry additional payloads of various sizes/weight
  • Catapult launch and accurate parachute recovery – no recovery device,
    netting or apparatus required
  • Expeditionary / High transportability – full operational capability with a
    small logistics footprint: 2 aircraft pallets.
  • Failsafe parachute recovery in the event of loss link or GPS. Provides the
    greatest aircraft recovery protection for payload testing and development.
  • Static and mobile (on-the-move) ground station ability
  • Full autonomous control with camera-guided flight
APEX Product Resources
  • APEX the ultimate solution for over – the - hill reconnaissance missions, low - intensity conflicts and urban warfare operations as well as any close range ISR mission.

  • APEX provides operators the ability to recover and re – launch in less than 20 minutes

  • Extremely accurate parachute landing